Fishing 6 days

In South Greenland you will find excellent arctic char fishing. The numerous rivers around Narsarsuaq (Tunulliarfik Fjord) are a paradise for anglers. Some of the rivers are clear and perfect for fly fishing. Others flow directly from glaciers and are clouded with fine silt. In both cases, however, you will find an abundance of fish!
The season for fishing in the rivers is from mid-July to the end of September.

Arrivals/Departures in 2017
From Thursday to Tuesday
From Saturday to Thursday
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Please note! This tour is no longer available from Iceland during summer 2017 because Air Iceland has decided on short notice to cancel its Thursday flights from Iceland to Narsarsuaq!

Accommodation at hotel with private or shared facilities.

Breakfast included.
Dinner and lunch packets can be ordered at the hotels.
If you want to prepare your own dinner of freshly caught fish, this can be arranged at the hostel.

All fishing spots require a minimum amount of walking. The maximal walk is about 1 hour. There is no fishing guide accompanying you. Itinerary review upon arrival.

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Narsarsuaq. Info at our office at the Blue Ice Café.
Accommodation Narsarsuaq for 5 nights.

Day 2
Boat transfer to Ilua River and fishing for one day. Ilua is one of the best clear-water rivers in the area. The river is about 4 km long and ends in a 3 km long lake. The river has both strong currents and areas with clear pools, so you can use a spinner and engage in fly fishing. Furthermore, you can fish at both ends of the lake. You must walk for about one hour from the place where the boat drops you off.

Day 3
Boat transfer to Qinngua River and fishing for one day. The river is fed with meltwater from the big glaciers north of Narsarsuaq. Our experience is that this is the place where you catch the biggest char (up to 5 kg) and there is a good chance, that you can catch a glimpse of white-tailed eagles soaring overhead. The fishing spot is about a half an hour’s walk along the river from where the boat drops you off.

Day 4
Free choice of fishing (not included). Qinngua River, Qorlortoq River, Narsarsuaq River or other locations. Qorlortoq River is a minor river with a pool and a waterfall, where you can actually see the char jump as they work their way upstream! Narsarsuaq River consists of meltwater from the nearby glacier mixed with some clear-water creeks. You will find excellent fishing conditions at these spots.

Day 5
Free choice of fishing (not included). You can also spend the day on a hike to the ice cap (Narsarsuaq Glacier) on your own, or buy a day trip to Qassiarsuk (the historic Brattahlid) or to the beautiful village Igaliku – the ancient Episcopal residence (not included).

Day 6
Check out of the room.
Free choice of fishing in the morning (not included) or boat trip to the Qooroq Ice Fjord (not included).
Departure to Reykjavik or Copenhagen (check-in one hour before your flight).

Please note! The itinerary of this package is subject to change due to weather and water conditions in the rivers.

Map for package tour: Fishing 6 days
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Private facilities
Double room: EUR 941 / 6,820 DKK per person
Single room: EUR 1,320 / 9,570 DKK per person

Shared facilities
Double room: EUR 717 / 5,195 DKK per person
Single room: EUR 906 / 6,570 DKK per person

Min 2 persons

Price includes

  • 5 nights in Narsarsuaq incl. breakfast
  • Car transfer to/from airport – harbour – hotel
  • Boat transfer (return) to Ilua River
  • Boat transfer (return) to Qinngua River
  • Fishing licence and extra river fee for Ilua River (for 1 day)
Note! Flights are not included


Day 1
Arrival in Narsarsuaq
Day 2
Day trip to Ilua River
Day 3
Day trip to Qinngua River
Day 4 and 5
Optional day trips/fishing. Not included
Day 6
Optional fishing or boat trip to the Qooroq Ice Fjord. Not included.
Departure Narsarsuaq

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