Terms and Conditions with Blue Ice

The following terms and conditions constitute the basis of an agreement between you as the customer and us as the tour operator (hereafter referred to as Blue Ice). Print (PDF).

1. General Information
The company name and contact information:
Blue Ice Explorer
P. O. Box 58
3923 Narsarsuaq
Mobile +299 497371
CVR / GER no: 12001363

2. Terms of payment and cancellations made by the customer
The terms for package tours and boat tickets are in some cases different from one another, and therefore treated separately:

2.1 Package tours
A package tour must be paid at least 60 days prior to arrival.

Cancellations made by the customer:
Cancellation at least 60 days prior to arrival date: 100% refund of the package price (excl. DKK 150 handling fee)
Cancellation between 45 and 59 days prior to arrival date: 75% refund
Cancellation between 30 and 44 days prior to arrival date: 50% refund
Cancellation between 15 and 29 days prior to arrival date: 25% refund
Cancellation between 0 and 14 days prior to arrival: no refund

We recommend that you buy travel insurance including flight cancellation insurance for your trip to Greenland. If you are delayed (e.g., due to delayed flights) before the start of a package, we will always try to organize the trip as close as possible to the original plan. We will generally not be able to refund missed accommodation dates, trips etc.

2.2 Boat tickets
Boat tickets must be paid upon booking. The customer is not guaranteed a seat until the ticket is paid.

Cancellations made by the customer:
Cancellation at least 48 hours prior to departure: 100% refund (excl. DKK 50 handling fee per ticket)
Cancellation after 48 hours prior to departure: no refund

These rules also apply to changing tickets.

If you are delayed due to a delayed flight, your ticket will be valid on a rescheduled/later departure with our boats. If you do not want to travel on this rescheduled boat, there is no refund.

3. Methods of payment
Payment can either be made by bank transfer or online payment with a credit card by a payment request. When making a payment by bank transfer, please provide a name and date of arrival as a reference.
When payment is registered, you will receive an email from us with a confirmation. You will receive all tickets and vouchers for package tours at the info meeting upon arrival.

If you have booked individual boat transfers, your tickets will be sent to you by email when payment is received. Please print these e-tickets and bring them along with you so you can present them when you board the vessel.

3.1 Bank transfer
For Danish and Greenlandic customers:
Registration no: 6471
Account no: 2013832

For foreign customers:
Imanek 33
3900 NUUK
Swift code/BIC: GRENGLGX
IBAN: GL5864710002013832

Please note that payment must include all bank charges (fees).

3.2 Online payment request
Blue Ice sends you an order confirmation including a payment request as a link in your email. When you click on the link, a payment window opens, where you must accept the terms and conditions before you can select which credit card will be used for the transaction. We accept Visa, MasterCard and JCB. Payment is made with a secure payment solution through Epay/Bambora. When using a credit card, a fee is charged by the bank, and we may add this fee to the total amount of the purchase. You can see the specific fees in the payment window when you select your credit card. Credit card transaction fees will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

4. Cancellations made by Blue Ice
4.1 Package tours

If there are parts of a package tour (e.g., an excursion) that have to be cancelled because of bad weather, Blue Ice will always try to complete the excursion at a later stage of the trip. If this is not possible, the customer will receive a refund that corresponds to the value of the missing excursion.

4.2 Boat transfers
If there are technical problems, Blue Ice will always do its best to find alternative boats/means of transport. There may be slight delays, but we will strive to keep them as minimal as possible.
In the event of bad weather, Blue Ice will, in some cases, opt to move up a departure time in order to complete the journey. If a customer does not wish to accept this offer, Blue Ice will refund the ticket (the full amount).
In any event, Blue Ice is not liable for any missed onward connections and/or accommodation.

4.3 Day trips
If Blue Ice cancels a day trip due to bad weather conditions, and the customer cannot participate at a later date, Blue Ice will refund the full amount of the trip. Credit card transaction fees will not be refunded in case of cancellation. If the trip was purchased through a travel agency, the customer must take up the matter with the agency after his/her return home.

5. Insurance
We always recommend that you take out travel insurance that will cover you in case of illness or injury. Please also consider whether to include flight cancellation, luggage and evacuation insurance.

Blue Ice’s boats are all approved by the Danish Maritime Administration to sail with passengers in Greenlandic waters. When travelling on board Blue Ice’s boats, you are covered by our liability insurance, wherever applicable.

6. Terms of kayak rental
When renting kayaks from Blue Ice, the customer signs a statement stating that he/she accepts full liability for the kayaking trip.

7. Rights and liabilities
Blue Ice reserves the right to make changes to schedules, prices etc., and accepts no liability for any printing errors.

8. Complaints
If you have a complaint, please submit it to the Blue Ice staff during or immediately after your trip so we can try to rectify the situation before your departure. Written complaints should be sent within 3 weeks of your return. All legal proceedings against Blue Ice are to be brought to court in accordance with the Greenlandic judicial system.