Package tours for individuals

Are you dreaming of going to Greenland and would you prefer to plan your own trip?

See icebergs and discover towns and settlements, Norse history and stunning landscapes on a tour of South Greenland.

  • Choose between 12 standard packages, or plan your own custom-made package tour
  • Info meeting upon arrival followed by your independent tour of the region
  • Sleep at hotels, hostel-style or farm accommodation
  • Nature, culture, history and hiking
  • A custom-made package tour is not more expensive than a group tour!

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Blue Ice Explorer

Blue Ice is your ultimate tour operator for custom trips to South Greenland!
We are based in Narsarsuaq, but provide services to most of South Greenland.

We offer: packages – tours – transport – accommodation – rentals

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NEW TOUR in 2020

Explore the old inuit culture by paddling in a kayak built using the traditional, greenlandic methods.

A professional kayak instructor will guide you through the experience teaching you about old inuit traditions at sea.

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Igaliku Country Hotel

Igaliku Country Hotel

Discover the atmosphere of the most beautiful village in Greenland! Stay overnight at the cosy Igaliku Country Hotel.

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Seak-kayaking in Greenland

Sea kayak rentals

If you are an experienced kayaker, there is no better place to put your skills to the test than Greenland – the country that invented the kayak!

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Hikers in Greenland

Hiking in South Greenland

Here is where you can start to plan your trip. Read all about the different hikes, weather conditions, what to bring, what you can buy in Narsarsuaq etc.

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