Round trip 10 days – Nanortalik

This package offers a combination that perfectly showcases the contrasts of South Greenland. It takes you to the southernmost town in Greenland – Nanortalik. 

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This package offers a combination that perfectly showcases the contrasts of South Greenland. It takes you to the southernmost town in Greenland – Nanortalik. Two full days give you an opportunity to experience the majestic mountains that are so characteristic of this area, visit the charming town and mingle with the locals. The tour also takes you to the colourful town of Qaqortoq, and the arctic farming landscape around Igaliku and Qassiarsuk – two quaint villages that are now at the heart of sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Accommodation at hotel with private or shared facilities.

Breakfast included.
Dinner and lunch packets can be ordered at the hotels.

No special requirements on this trip. The hike between Itilleq and Igaliku is 4 km.

All our package tours are self-guided. This means that you are not a part of a bigger group with a tour leader to guide you around.
We will send you very detailed information about the tour before you arrive in Greenland.

Tour season
You can start this tour every day of the week and are free to choose your own pace and what to see and do each day. Just let us know which date/flight you will arrive with and we will book the tour for you as desired.


Day 1
Arrival in Narsarsuaq. Boat transfer to Itilleq, followed by a 4 km hike along a picturesque unpaved country road to Igaliku, one of the most beautiful villages in Greenland! The colourful houses are situated on lush grassland next to a milky-blue fjord. On the other side of the fjord, the landmark Illerfissalik (Burfjeld) Mountain towers over a rough and desolate landscape. Accommodation in Igaliku for 2 nights.

Day 2
Igaliku was the Episcopal seat (named Gardar) for a period of about 300 years (1100-1400) during the Norse era, and the ruins from that time are very impressive. In 1782 Anders Olsen and his Greenlandic wife Tuperna established themselves as farmers, and that marked the beginning of Igaliku’s more recent history. Today, Igaliku and its surroundings have some of the best hiking opportunities in South Greenland.

One optional day hike (17 km) goes to the plateau, which offers a superb view of the Qooroq ice fjord, the stranded icebergs on the underwater moraine at the entrance to the fjord and the enormous glacier at the head of the fjord. It is the perfect place for a picnic! On the way back, you may be lucky enough to find minerals and stones, like the shining “moonstone” (labradorit). The “waterfall hike” (about 15 km) is another popular day trip. A set of beautiful waterfalls tumble like pearls on a string down towards Tunulliarfik Fjord. This hike can be combined with the summit of Nuuluk Mountain (823 m), which lies south of Igaliku (20-22 km).

Day 3
Boat transfer from Igaliku (Itilleq) to Qaqortoq (duration about 1½ hours).
Accommodation in Qaqortoq for 2 nights.

Day 4
Qaqortoq has a population of around 3,300 inhabitants, making it the largest town in South Greenland. It is the main centre of education in South Greenland with an upper secondary school, a business school, a vocational school adults and a school for tourism management and guide training. Furthermore, the town has several medium-sized companies such as Great Greenland, with its tannery and sewing facilities for creating beautiful sealskin clothes. The town is well known for the project “Stone and Man”, which consists of more than 30 sculptures that various artists have carved into the granite bedrock. This permanent exhibition makes a stroll around the city a very special experience.

Finally, Greenland’s oldest fountain is situated in the town square next to the harbour. Here you can sit and watch the hunters and fishermen sell the catch of the day at the nearby fish market. From Qaqortoq you can also visit the famous Hvalsey Church ruins on a short excursion. We recommend that you book the church tour in advance.

Day 5
Boat transfer from Qaqortoq to Nanortalik (about 2 hours).
Accommodation in Nanortalik for 3 nights.

Day 6 and 7
Greenland’s most southerly town Nanortalik takes its name from the polar bears that drift in with the pack ice from East Greenland every spring. In the old days, many hunters used to move to the outer islands in the spring to hunt hooded seals. Nanortalik is arguably the South Greenlandic town that has best maintained this tradition, and hunting is a part of everyday life for many families.

The museum is one of the most exciting in Greenland and it includes several old colonial houses, a collection of kayaks and umiaks (large skin boats), an Inuit settlement with sod huts and summer tents and much more. You can take shorter hikes up to vantage points or visit the magnificent Tasermiut Fjord on a boat tour. The area is world famous among climbers and mountaineers, but you do not have to be quite that ambitious! It is a great experience just to take a boating trip on the fjord. We recommend that you arrange such a trip in advance.

Day 8
Helicopter transfer (with regularly scheduled helicopter flights) to Narsarsuaq (about 35 minutes).
Accommodation in Narsarsuaq for 2 nights.

Day 9
Day trip to Qassiarsuk. The village of Qassiarsuk is situated across the fjord approx. 15 minutes by boat from Narsarsuaq. Today’s Inuit sheep farmers cultivate exactly the same land that the Viking Eric the Red chose for his Norse settlement more than 1,000 years ago. Take a stroll through the village, which beautifully combines ancient history and modern living, and visit the Brattahlid open-air museum (admission fee is not included), which consists of the replicas of Tjodhilde’s Church and a Norse longhouse. You can also take an enjoyable hike from Qassiarsuk towards Sermilik Fjord on the other side of the peninsula. Halfway there you can enjoy an amazing view over both fjords; Sermilik is usually filled with ice floes. If you follow the gravel road all the way to the end, you will reach the Tasiusaq sheep farm (16 km return).

Day 10
Boat trip to the Qooroq Ice Fjord. A boat trip among icebergs of all colours, sizes and shapes. When the glacier is in view, the boat engine is stopped, so you can enjoy the absolute silence and a drink chilled with glacier ice – more than 1,000 years old! You can spend the rest of your stay enjoying a cup of coffee at the cosy Blue Ice Café and/or visiting the museum in Narsarsuaq.
Departure Narsarsuaq.

Please note! Due to limited capacity at some accommodations, the order of the itinerary may change

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Private facilities
Double room: EUR 2.041 / DKK 14.800 per person
Single room: EUR 2.730 / DKK 19.795 per person

Shared facilities
Double room: EUR 1.598 / DKK 11.585 per person
Single room: EUR 2.053 / DKK 14.885 per person

25% discount for children 2-11 years old

Price includes

  • All accommodation incl. breakfast
  • Transport of luggage (*)
  • All boat transfers
  • Boat trip to the Qooroq Ice Fjord
  • Shuttle service in Narsarsuaq in connection with included boat transfers
  • Helicopter Nanortalik – Narsarsuaq*

* Regularly scheduled flight which in case of bad weather may be rebooked as a boat transfer.

Price excludes
Flights to/from Greenland
Tour guide (this tour is self-guided)
Travel and cancellation insurance

(*) Hotel Qaqortoq do not offer luggage transport from the harbor

We can always add more days to this tour if you wish to extend your visit. Just let us know when you request the tour.

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